The community-driven, cloud-based garage management system.

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Workshop management

Garage Hive has all the tools to run your workshop. A live dynamic work schedule, paperless jobcards, integrated Autodata repair times, technician time management, stock control and much more.

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Finance and Accountancy

Garage Hive offers a full integrated accountancy system. Alternatively you can take advantage of the integrations with Xero, Sage and Quickbooks.

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Reporting and Power BI

Make informed decisions with Garage Hive's business intelligence & reporting application. View workshop profitability, technician efficiencies, margins and much more on all of your devices.

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Parts stock management

Garage Hive provides total Stock control allowing for tracking of parts bought into stock, parts used on jobs, and unused parts which have been returned. This includes the monitoring of any credits owed by suppliers.

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Video Testimonials

Garage Hive customers tell about their experience using the product and working with the team

The Blend 2021

Garage Hive's annual conference

Alex gives his thoughts on what to consider when switching Garage Management Systems

Case studies

Garage management system Case Study: Oldfields Garage

Tim Benson's family business – Oldfields Garage - was established by his parents over 30 years ago in Leominster. Before taking over the business, Tim worked with the main dealer parts department and has been in the industry for 15 years.

Garage management software, Case Study: Cedar Garage

Cedar Garage is an independent car garage that was established in 1982 in Worthing. Both Kevin Pearce and Matthew Copp took over the business in April 2013. Before that, Kev and Matt had a small car garage called Car Doctors which they opened in 2011.

Garage management software Case Study: Garden City Garage

Garden City Garage joined Garage Hive in October 2019. This family-run business was established back in the 1960s and is located in Neath, South Wales; it was taken over by Gareth and his wife Rael in 2002 when it came up for sale.

Garage management system- Case Study: Fitch Autos

Fitch Autos has been in the business for almost 45 years has expanded with a new unit, more staff and increased its turnover by 25% within the past two years.

Garage management software Case Study: Autocentre Chorley

Autocentre Chorley is a well-established MOT, car service, car repair and tyre garage in Chorley. They have highly skilled and qualified technicians who hold over 60 years of combined experience.

Panos Gerontis


We moved to Garage Hive a month ago and was the best decision we have made. The system just get's better and better every day. The support from the Garage Hive team is second to none, with instant support and any issues or questions is dealt instantly. Software updates.........what can I say, I just can't keep up with them. If the users ask for something and there is enough interest, the team will just make it happen. Huge props to Alex, Dawn, and Raimond. You guys are amazing!!!

Michael Boam


Far more than just a management system! Unrivalled support network going far and beyond the service required to make sure that the system and your experience is a fantastic one. I could not recommend Garage Hive enough. The difference this has made to my business is phenomenal. I now not just know but understand a lot more aspects to the business and can see clearly the performance of the business as a whole on the decisions that are made from day to day. There is nothing that has not been thought of, if suggestions are made for improvement and requests for change these are actioned fast! Regular updates, changes tweaks and videos made to guide you through these changes. Totally second to None!

Helen Thursfield


Where do I start, we have just implemented this system to our Garage after looking at many other systems for over 6 months. As a busy independent with a small team, we knew we needed to change the way we ran things as our old system was beyond out of date, and in the short period, we have been using the new system we definitely made the right decision. I could not believe how our team embraced the change immediately. From the moment we went live they just ran with it (this was helped with training videos proved by Alex and the team beforehand), and as owners, the process and structure we desperately needed are just falling into place. We have never felt so organised, the staff are extremely happy, we are now very excited for the future and possibilities are endless . Especially because it’s dynamic So if you are thinking about a new Garage Management System then 100% I would recommend Garage Hive, you will never look back.

Neville Smith


Owned my business for over 35 years, and during that time have tried and used several management software packages. Some we outgrew, some offered the dream but did not live up to their offering, and were slow to respond and in some cases none existent. In November 2018 after reading and travelling to Nottingham to meet with the Garage Hive team and their garage employees to get an overall feel from both sides of the coin we decided to bite the bullet and go with it. Well! What an amazing change! If you want to improve your business and are looking for software, the GARAGE HIVE is where you need to go. I cannot thank the team enough for the difference they have made to my business, and I’m sure I know many others feel the same. Make the change you’ll not regret it.

Case study

Case Study: EAC Telford

EAC Telford garage is based in West Midlands; they joined Garage Hive three years ago and have accomplished a noteworthy recovery from loss and progress with improving business efficiency. The team has grown to 18 staff, treated very well as Mark and Jayne believe “Happy Staff = Happy Work”.

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Garage Hive is now offering a rolling one-month contract!

What’s right for you, is what’s right for us. We know how worrying and troublesome big changes can be, especially, when adapting to a new garage management system, therefore, we are here for you and your benefit.

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Garage Hive - What's New in Summer and Autumn Round Up 2021

We've moved on to bigger and better things in these seasons, such as grouping items, online authorisation, internal surveys, and much more. In this roundup, we'll categorise the latest developments. The following is a list of new developments that have been launched, implemented, and are being improved. 

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