Customer Journey

Garage Hive has multiple built-in features to assist your customers at each step of their journey when dealing with your business. From being reminded about certain services being due, to them leaving feedback after their visit. Garage Hive covers all of this using automation to bring convenience to customers whilst focusing on delivering great customer satisfaction.

  • Service Reminder & Online Booking
  • Self Check-In
  • Online Authorisation
  • Online Payment
  • Customer Survey


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1. Automated MOT/ Service reminders will be sent to your customers

Garage Hive allows you to send many different reminders automatically. These include MOT, Service, Timing Belt Changes, follow-ups for work reported on previous visits in addition to booking confirmations and reminders. Customers will receive an SMS and/or email to remind them to call you to get booked in or book online. 

2. Online booking

Garage Hive’s online booking tool allows you to offer your customers many types of everyday jobs through your website, and they simply pick a day and time, which will instantly book in your schedule. Customers can book online anywhere, anytime, without speaking to someone, making it a convenient, quick, and easy process. Once they have booked, they will receive an automatic booking confirmation SMS and/or email. 

3A. Customer hands you keys at reception


3B. They drop them off with Self-Check-in

Customers can drop their keys via a drop-off box & click on a link sent via an automated SMS, which notifies you they have dropped their keys off on your system. This is convenient for customers who need to drop off keys early morning or late at night or are in a rush, as they can drop off their keys without needing to speak to reception or without any staff being present on-site to take their keys from them. 

4. Online Authorisation

Online Authorisation is a virtual Vehicle Inspection (VI) in Garage Hive that allows you as a garage owner to communicate with customers in real-time and receive quick feedback on jobs that need to be done.

A report can be sent through the system, with photos, and a clear description to a customer’s phone or any other device, so they can understand what needs to be done and can confidently “self-authorise” any work at the click of a button, without you needing to call them. This creates convenience for customers and gives them a clear downloadable report about their vehicle. 

5. Online Payment

You can send an automated online payment request SMS for customers to pay through their phone via a secure link. This can be sent once the work is complete, so customers can pay before they arrive, making the collection of their vehicle and keys much quicker and more convenient for them.

6. Customer Satisfaction Surveys (NPS)

Once you have invoiced a job, Garage Hive can send an automated SMS feedback survey for your customers to complete, asking them to give you a review of how they rate your services. This creates an opportunity for your customers to tell you how they feel about the services you provide, showing them that you value their feedback, and so you can improve your services.

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