Parts Stock Management

With Parts Stock Management, you have a total Stock control with Garage Hive by tracking parts bought into stock, parts used on jobs, and unused parts returned. This includes the monitoring of any credits owed by suppliers.

Inventory Reporting

Garage Hive provides an excellent way to summarise and analyse inventory management data via inventory reporting and Garage Hive Power BI reporting app, which helps understand business performance and make more precise future decisions.

Inventory Control

Inventory control in Garage Hive entails managing all of the company’s parts by ensuring that every inventory detail, such as stock level, part history, and part specifications, is fully tracked.


Consumables and Other Non-inventory Item Management

Garage Hive offers the ability to manage the non-inventory stock, which is the stock that the company procures and sells but doesn’t track its quantity, such as consumables. The non-inventory can be used in purchase and sales documents.

Items Return Management

Instead of manually going through the parts list to identify the parts to return, Garage Hive generates an Items to return report indicating the parts to be returned so that they do not get lost or thrown away, resulting in reduced revenue lost.


Stock-taking Function

In business, it’s always good to ensure that the physical stock count matches the count in the system. In Garage Hive, you can undertake the stock take physically and quickly compare the items in the system using the shelf numbering feature.

Daily Stock Control
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Categorisation of Parts

Garage Hive’s part categorisation is helpful for parts management; It helps identify the parts with their shared qualities, making it easier to understand the value of stock in a specific category, see the fast-moving categories, and so on.

History Tracking for Parts

With the need to continuously track a Part’s history in inventory management, Garage Hive provides the ability to quickly access the part’s records, which provides details on when the part was bought, sold, and the document used to post the part to the system.

Purchase Orders Function

Due to the importance of purchase orders in inventory management, Garage Hive makes it easy to access the feature, even when creating a purchase order directly from the jobsheet, for example.



External Services Management

Garage Hive’s External Services feature enables businesses to easily outsource services and manage them through purchase orders and jobsheets. As a result, the billing of outsourced services to the customer is done correctly.

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