Electronic Vehicle Health Checklists

We understand that maintaining the health and safety of vehicles is paramount to your business’s success. That’s why we’ve developed a powerful set of features that makes creating checklists and performing vehicle health checks a breeze.

  • Effortlessly Create Custom Checklists
  • Seamless Checklist Integration
  • Enhance Checklists with Images and Comments
  • Effortless Communication with Customers
  • Upsell Opportunities with Vehicle Inspection Estimates and Customer Online Authorisation

Effortlessly Create
Custom Checklists

With Garage Hive, you have the flexibility to create customised checklists that align perfectly with your garage’s unique requirements. Tailor the checklists to include specific tasks and procedures that your technicians need to follow, ensuring a comprehensive vehicle health check every time.

Seamless Checklist Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates checklists directly into jobsheets, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple systems or paperwork. Your technicians can conveniently access the checklists on their devices, enabling them to carry out thorough vehicle inspections with ease and efficiency.

Enhance Checklists with
Images and Comments

We believe in capturing every detail during a vehicle health check. Garage Hive allows you to enrich your checklists by attaching relevant images and adding pre-saved comments that concisely explain the issue and emphasise its importance in terms of the required fix. This time-saving feature eliminates the need for technicians to manually write out the problem, streamlining the process.

It also ensures comprehensive documentation of the inspection process, providing both you and your customers with a transparent overview of the vehicle’s condition.

Effortless Communication
with Customers

Once the checklist is complete, Garage Hive enables you to effortlessly share it with your customers. Our platform offers seamless SMS and Email integration, allowing you to send checklists via SMS and email directly to your customers’ phones. This not only enhances transparency but also demonstrates your commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Upsell Opportunities with Vehicle Inspection Estimates and Customer Online Authorisation

Identifying potential issues and capitalising on upsell opportunities is crucial for your garage’s profitability. Garage Hive’s checklists enable you to convert vehicle inspections into professional estimates, providing you with a ready-to-present report highlighting recommended services.

This then becomes ready for customer authorisation, where they can approve work in seconds through their phone. With this feature, you can ensure your customers’ vehicles are maintained to the highest standards whilst boosting your bottom line.

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Don't let vehicle health checks become a cumbersome task.

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