Make informed decisions with
Garage Hive & Power BI
Business intelligence for independent garages


Garage Hive makes reporting simple. Included with Garage Hive’s garage management system is a powerful business intelligence tool that requires no setup, no maintenance, and allows a fully comprehensive view of your business like never before.

Reliable Data

Creating your own reports using exports and spreadsheets can easily introduce human errors. Unreliable data in reports can cause more damage than not reporting at all. Garage Hive eliminates the risk of human errors.

Auto Updating

Reports and dashboards you design in Garage Hive can be updated weekly, daily or even hourly – automatically. There is not a single manual task required. The reports just work.

Keep track of your most important KPIs

Performance Overview

Quickly see how each branch is performing on a day to day basis, check the previous days, weeks, months or years. Monitor how well your workshop controller is utilising his technicians and how much of your labour rate the technicians are recovering.

Stop using your bank balance to try and feel how well things are going and start using the metrics that really matter. Expand your business with confidence using the reports provided by Garage Hive.


Experience your data

Create your ideas

Garage Hive allows flexible reporting. Every business has a different requirement. If you can visualise it and the data is used within Garage Hive, we can create it.

Stay Informed

You no longer need to wait until the month or year end to understand what's going on. Garage Hive allows you to report on an hourly basis from anywhere, on any device.

Share your data

Each report can be shared with certain staff or departments, you can even publish your reports to the web and embed them on websites if you wish.


Keep track of your technicians performance

Make your staff accountable

Independent garages lack accountability. Garage Hive will monitor how well your workshop controllers are utilising your technicians. Garage Hive will also monitor how well your technicians are performing whilst being utilised by your workshop controllers.

These metrics combined will vastly improve your productivity and profitability.



Be in the know, even when away from the office.

All of your reports and dashboards are available on both Android and Apple phones
and tablets.

Where & when?

See where your customers are coming from.


We will help your marketing plans

Garage Hive will make mapping your customers simple, helping you to gain an understanding of gaps in your local market. Use the maps to figure out where to focus marketing budgets or identify gaps in the market for expansions.

If you run a mobile fleet, the maps can help monitor the logistics of the jobs ensuring that your vans are utilised correctly. Filter the reports by day, month or year – by branch, technician or workshop controller.


Display your key performance indicators and
targets on wallboards around your
offices or workshops


Allow all of your staff to see
how they’re performing.


Total customisation and flexibility

Garage Hive offers you total control of what you want to see,
however you want to see it. The demo reports showcase some
examples of different styles and possibilities with Garages Hive’s reporting tools.

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