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  • Estimates, Jobsheets & Invoicing
  • Dynamic Work Scheduling
  • Automated Reminders (MOT, Services, Timing Belt & much more)
  • Customer Online Job Authorisation
  • Online Booking with Live Diary Integration
  • Customer Surveys (NPS®)
  • Phone System Integration
  • Autodata Integration
  • Unlimited User Support by Phone
  • GSF Integration
  • Technician Time Clocking (All platforms)
  • T-Card Planner
  • VRM and Postcode lookup
  • DVSA MOT Integration
  • Full Vehicle History
  • Parts Catalogue and History
  • Comprehensive
  • Item/Labour Markup Automation
  • Customisable Service Packages
  • Customisable Checklists for Service, VHC & QC
  • SMS/Email Booking Confirmations and Reminders
  • Bulk SMS/Email
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Courtesy Car Management
  • Customer Self-Check-In
  • Internal Staff Surveys (eNPS®)
  • Card PDQ Terminal Integration
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Reporting Suite
    Accountancy Integrations (Xero™, Sage™, Quickbooks™)
  • Advanced Data Filtering/Exporting Capabilities
  • Personalised User Interface and Menus
  • Personalised Document Layouts
  • Video Tutorials and Online Documentation
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • GDPR Compliance Tool
  • Microsoft Cloud Secure Storage and Automated Backups
  • Unlimited Message & Email Support
  • Access to Community Channels
  • Role Specific Dashboards
  • Stock Control/Management
  • Field & Mobile Technicians
  • Take Vehicle Pictures Using Phones/Tablets
  • Power BI™ Dashboards &
  • Data Visualisation
  • Multi-Site Capability
  • Vehicle Sales Module
  • Autodata™ Integration
  • Built-in Accountancy Module
and many, many more

See what our customers say about Garage Hive

Rebecca Pullen


It is over two and a half years since we moved our garage management system, and so much has changed during that time, both in our business and personal lives. And although the journey has occasionally been painful, and often tedious, where we are now is certainly a better place. Firstly, I want to say, I didn’t move systems because I hated the old ones. I moved because I wanted something different as a business, and I was looking for something better for me. The direction I wanted to take the business in required a slightly different emphasis, and as such I planned to step back from the day to day running of the business but remain in control. Therefore, I wanted to be able to see daily activities from anywhere in the world (and those of you reading this who know me personally, will of course know that that is mostly from my house!) and to be able to usefully work and see daily profit/figures. One of the most impressive things about Garage Hive is the active and very warm Facebook and general community – full of folks that care passionately about their business, and many of whom who have taken the conscious decision to be a businessowner first and a technician or service advisor a very definite second. This, of course, is a necessity to conquer the financial success which alludes many garage owners. This community, you might think, is nothing to do with GH, but the positive manner in which it is used and enjoyed is very much a reflection of the culture within GH. This dynamic Facebook group will often highlight another garage owner’s favourite report and what they are trying to achieve and BOOM! – off we go again into that unnurtured area; - result = making it better than ever before. Occasionally, the group pushes for something, much like a modern-day digital trade union. GH listens: I like this very much; it is powerful and respectfully achieved. The GH Facebook group is a culture shock to the motor industry in the very best way possible! The other thing I particularly love (and it took me quite a while to say I loved anything – BE WARNED when you move any GMS it half kills you!) are the figures and spreadsheets. GH is the dream to me; I love numbers and have always found them beautiful. But for those who don’t, the supported financial app is first class on its presentation of any figure you may want. I have my favourite reports, and regularly look at corners of the business that need/ed attention, these were easily found and are always visually just at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Things I love about GH… 1. Proving, not just suspecting, which areas of the business make you money. And yes, there are some surprises! 2. Actioning the changes and then seeing the results. 3. Working from home but feeling like I can see everything. In fact, knowing I can see everything. 4. Seeing progress. So, in balance of fairness … what I don’t like… 1. I’m not that keen on the invoice layout, but probably more indifferent. 2. I wish it was cheaper, but that is not to say I don’t feel that it is not value for money. I met another garage owner a while back and they said that they felt it was like another employee telling the service advisor what needs doing next – I like this analogy and do agree. So, to end, GH has delivered what I wanted, and has facilitated the changes I wanted to achieve. Finally, I want to share one last thing I, personally, have learnt… Turns out, you can communicate in Gifs – who knew?!

Craig Thompson

Business Owner

We've been using Garage Hive since August 2020. We had outgrew our existing Garage Management system and I wanted more functions like clocking on/off jobs, monitoring efficiencies, electronic checklists, automated notifications etc. What I got was so much more! The functions are so innovative and the information that Garage hive gives about your your business is incredible and obsessive. (No more waiting from one year to the next for the accountant to tell if there had been a profit). The Industry trends are insightful. The system is complex (no management system worthwhile is simple) but the support they offer is unrivaled. And the community that they have brought together is a breath of fresh air. My business is more profitable because of Garage Hive.

Steve & Jane Winn

Company Owners

Can't begin to explain how Garage Hive has revolutionized our business. All our systems (accounting, stock, bookings and communication) are now all linked in one place. It has transformed our working practices and operating a live system means we are able to react quickly to issues found with clients' vehicles. Most importantly, a very large amount of clients have commented on how they like being kept in the loop regarding their vehicles while in for repair......the customer survey facility is invaluable. The support from the helpdesk staff is second to none, always friendly and efficient. We will never go back to our old systems. Thank you GH :)

Nathan Taylor

Managing Director

The Garage Hive are most definitely that support system I didn't realise I needed so much, always doing so much in the background to keep the software at the forefront of the market, they're also always available within no time via a phone call or a support ticket. Special mention to Leigh, Dawn and Rhys for their efforts with us at WW but I imagine every member of GH are now an imperative part of a lot of businesses for all the best reasons.

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