What's New in Garage Hive - March '19 Roundup

March was a busy month for Garage Hive team. We managed to add around 25 features to the system while still leading to a successful start of the transition to Business Central. As usual, we introduced some great ideas from our community.

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Here is a quick list of some of the features we introduced in March.

1. Making Tax Digital.

2. Added customer GDPR preferences to your customer data exports.

3. Refreshed the tile layout on business central, removed all Jobsheets, completed VHC & pending inspections.

4. Added Power BI datasets for the following.

  1. VHCs
  2. Estimates
  3. Checklists
  4. Labour Groups
  5. Postcodes for heatmaps
  6. Unposted Jobsheets
  7. Reason codes

5. Added heat-maps to Power BI reporting in Business Central.

6. Updated VHC printout to show authorised and none authorised work.

7. Added a mileage reminder for a technician when they haven’t entered a mileage but completed their allocation.

8. Added an [OptOut] tag to customer reminders, allowing customers to control their own contact preferences connected directly to their customer card. For more information on this please visit https://docs.garagehive.co.uk/docs/garagehive-customer-notifications.html.

9. Added the ability to add a payment method code to a cash receipt journal

10. Added a till report that includes cash receipt journals, meaning your end of day will now match even if you apply account payments.

11. Added the ability to SMS customers from a posted jobsheet.

12. Added the concept of reasons codes to Estimates and VHCs, allowing you to track lost sales.

13. Introduced various statuses to an Estimate, awaiting action, awaiting authorisation and complete.

14. Added Santander bank transaction import.

15. Greatly improved certain Power BI reports, introduced a colour scale for relative date reporting.

16. Added VHC and Inspection reports to Power BI.

To stay up to date and for our latest features please visit https://docs.garagehive.co.uk/docs/garagehive-whats-new.html.

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