What's New in Garage Hive - August '20 Roundup

We are pleased to release a preview of some new Garage Hive features available on the new platform.

Unlike the new platform features designed and built by Microsoft, these features are built by our own developers and are much more specific to our industry. We have made significant improvements to the way users can price items and labours and added much more flexibility to the reminder system.

Watch the video below to see some of the new features in action.

YouTube video

Find details on the new features & improvements below.

1. We have renamed some of the tiles to create a more intuitive and simple design.

2. Auto clock out is now self-service and no longer requires the input of the support team. We have also added the ability to create multiple auto clock out rules per day. This is particularly helpful for companies that often have staff doing overtime who may also forget to clock out.

For Garage Hive users that operate during weekends, you can now also set a different auto clock out time for each day.

3. We have added the ability to include many more reminder dates. Users can also take advantage of the new platform personalisation feature to decide which reminder dates are relevant to their business.

4. The customer notification (Reminder) feature has had a complete overhaul. Users can send reminders out based on all reminder date fields. We have introduced the following features

5. A complete overhaul of the way jobs can be priced up. Our developers have introduced a sales markup pricing matrix with the following features

Our developers have also overhauled the sales prices and sales discounts features, allowing variable labour rates based on vehicle makes, customer pricing groups and much more.

We hope you enjoy these features – our next big preview will be the new and most powerful Power BI reports to date.

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