What's New in Garage Hive - April '19 Roundup

April was an incredible month for Garage Hive. We managed to add lots of new features to the system while completing the upgrade of our customers to Business Central. This upgrade is a massive technological step forward which enables Garage Hive team to deliver even better updates in the future. 💪

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Here is a quick list of some of the features we introduced in April.

1. Added two new tiles to Service Advisors role centre: Estimates Awaiting Action and Estimates Awaiting Authorisation. Note: Completed Estimates will not be displayed in the tiles.

2. Added the ability to authorise single lines in Estimates and copy them to an existing Jobsheet. This feature works similarly to Vehicle Health Checks.

3. Added “Description” field to header of Estimates page and printed Estimates. Note: when converting a whole Estimate using Make Jobsheet action, the text from the “Description” field will be copied to “Work Description” field of a Jobsheet.

4. Added “Description” field to the header of Vehicle Health Check page and printed VHCs. Works similarly to Estimates.

5. Added access to previous Vehicle Inspection from a related Jobsheet for a service advisor and technician via Easy Clocking.

6. Added “Collection and Delivery” tickbox to Jobsheets with the ability to add an icon to a schedule allocation.

7.. Added “Courtesy Vehicle Required” tickbox to Jobsheets with the ability to add an icon to a schedule allocation.

8. Added the ability to categorise Jobsheets comments by types, comment types can also be hidden from technicians if necessary.

9. Added a “Marketing Channel” field to Jobsheet and Customer Card for monitoring marketing activity.


10. Added “Search Description” to Item fast lookup.

11. Added access to historic vehicle pictures from Easy Clocking for technicians

12. Added the ability to create a new Vehicle Inspection without being in a Jobsheet for a technician.

13. Added the ability to create multiple vehicle inspections via easy clocking for technicians.

14. More columns made available in Vehicle List: Next Service Date, Customer Phone No., Customer Mobile Phone No., Customer Email and Customer address fields. Please note: the customer related fields are calculated are mote to meant to be used for active filtering.

15. Released a major update of Garage Hives Power BI Reports. 😎

✔ Ability to record standard events such as break times as non-work time

✔ More reports made mobile friendly

✔ New Efficiency Reports

✔ Detailed Item Reports

✔ Detailed Labour Category Reports

✔ VHC Reports, Inspection rate, up-sell rate

✔ WIP & future booking reports

✔ Customer heat-maps

✔ Top customer reports

✔ Vehicle Make and Model Analysis reports

More info about Power BI updates is available in the video below.

YouTube video

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