LKQ Euro Car Parts

LKQ Euro Car Parts is a premier distributor of car, LCV, and speciality parts in trade, retail, and collision markets. Boasting over 330 branches and a diverse catalogue of 160,000+ different parts. Garage Hive is thrilled to introduce the seamless integration! This powerful alliance brings together Garage Hive’s state-of-the-art management capabilities and LKQ Euro Car Parts’ expansive inventory, providing an unmatched auto repair management experience. Here’s why this integration is a game-changer for modern garages:

  • Accelerated Parts Ordering: Get the advantage of instant access to LKQ Euro Car Parts’ comprehensive catalogue from within your trusted Garage Hive interface. This pivotal feature empowers garages to expedite the parts ordering process, shrink service times, and heighten customer satisfaction.
  • Real-Time Inventory Updates: Stay ahead with real-time inventory updates, enabling garages to stay in sync with the dynamic availability of parts. Avoid the inconvenience of ordering out-of-stock parts and enhance overall workflow efficiency, all within the familiar environment of Garage Hive.
  • Robust Financial Management: Garage Hive’s integrated financial management automatically tracks all transactions with LKQ Euro Car Parts. Benefit from a crystal-clear, real-time financial picture, paving the way for superior financial management and decision-making.

Take a look at the integration

Step into the future of garage management with Garage Hive’s innovative integration of LKQ Euro Car Parts. Turbocharge your efficiency, streamline your workflow, and exceed your customer’s expectations today.

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