Meet Microsoft Dynamics 'Business Central'

It was a great pleasure to once again attend Directions EMEA held in The Hague, Netherlands last month.

Microsoft announced some very exciting news with the introduction of ‘Business Central’ the new major update to Dynamics NAV!

What is Business Central?

Business Central includes an all new user experience and enhanced capabilities to help you grow and connect your business.

What does this mean for Garage Hive?

The business central update will be coming to Garage Hive in Quarter 1 of 2019. This will be planned and coordinated with existing customers so it can happen very smoothly with no impact on business operations.

What’s new?

What’s new #1 – Paper-like page layout:

What’s new #2 – Introducing the back button:

What’s new #3 – Action Bar replaces the ribbon:

What’s new #4 – Action Bar for sub-pages:

What’s new #6 – Promoted previous/next actions:

What’s new #7 – Slim/wide mode + transitions:

What’s new #8 – New data field look & feel”:

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