Go Paperless with Garage Hive Digital Job Sheets

In the past, and often in many workplaces still, how work was dispensed to employees was through the traditional method of printed job sheets. This was a huge problem with field operations such as mobile tyre fitting or windscreen replacement services. It was impossible for management to get maximum efficiency from the workforce due to logistical reasons and not being able to monitor how long processes take.

Let’s look how Garage Hive can help you alleviate the typical issues and get more efficiency from your workforce.


The digital diary (service schedule) is the core planning system in your organisation. Service advisors can see what work is already booked, make a new booking, or edit an existing one.

All jobs are allocated different colours which you change for example, when a vehicle arrives on site, or a vehicle is ready for collection.

You could even display your service schedule on a wall board for all the garage to see.


Garage Hive enables your website to have online booking capability with instant confirmation. Your customers choose the date and time according to your availability in the service schedule and make the appointment online. All day, every day without your staff being disturbed by unnecessary phone calls.

Of course, you can block off certain services for the online bookings if you are too busy. E.G – No MOT bookings on a certain date as your MOT tester is off.


Provide your technicians with affordable smartphones for the Garage Hive app and they will be able to see what work is allocated to them, add comments, mileage, clock in/out, add parts used and find the way to a customer’s location via Google Maps in case it’s a field job.

Enjoy the freedom and which device suits you best – iPhone, Android phone or tablet, PC or Mac.


Jobsheets are very easy to create in Garage Hive with help of VRM lookup, customer recall and post code look up. This makes life simple for the service advisor who creates the jobsheet with technical repair times provided, labour catalogues, vehicle work history, etc.

You may have heard about the new European data protection law (GDPR) which all UK businesses who handle customer data must adhere too. Garage Hive has this covered with readymade GDPR data capture printable sheets which include all opt ins for marketing, mot reminders, etc. Customers can sign, and this will cover you.


Garage Hive makes reporting very simple and transparent. Quickly see how each branch is performing on a day to day basis, check the previous days, weeks, months, or years. Monitor how well your workshop controller is utilising his technicians and how much of your labour rate the technicians are recovering

Stop using your bank balance to try and feel how well things are going and start using the metrics that really matter. Expand your business with confidence using the reports provided by Garage Hive.

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