5 reasons why online booking helps your garage business

Online booking – it’s your new employee of the month – the electronic service advisor. It gives a lot more freedom for your Service Advisors to focus on the important work rather than receiving phone calls all day. With it, you will have less administration and paperwork, increased flexibility and efficiency due to automatisation.

Reduction of administration work

Garage Hive’s online booking creates the jobsheet for you on the diary at the specific time your customer has requested. The jobsheet is fully built, including Vehicle Registration Number and Service Package (it is a set of parts and labour to perform a specific job) relevant to their booked service including costs, any comments made during booking, for the length of time you have specified. When you see your “Online Bookings to Review” tile turns red, all you need to do is to confirm the customer details in the jobsheet and tick to say it has been reviewed.

Live availability for your customers

Garage Hive’s online booking is linked to your diary and, more specifically, your different bays. It will therefore show live availability for each bay you choose for specific bookable services. For example, if a customer wants to book in for an MOT, we make the diary show only your MOT bay availability. You can also choose how far in advance a customer can book.

Less incoming phone calls for bookings

You can reduce the number of incoming calls coming into your Garage. Why not add a link to your online booking system into your Service & MOT reminders allowing your customer the option of booking online? How many people will get the reminder through in the evening and forget to call in? This way, they can be directed straight to your website and make the booking with ease. Try it yourself here.

Easily embed on your garage’s website

There is no need to be an IT wizard to add different services to Garage Hive’s online booking. Once the iframe has been embedded into your webpage, this is where the fun begins.

Flexibility by service packaging

The services which are published on your website are built by creating service packages within the Garage Hive system. You, therefore, have the flexibility of adding/removing as many services online as you wish with Full Online Booking (or Solo Online Booking – MOT only). The services you add online have the option of having a price, no price (TBC mark) or a “From price”. Therefore, if you don’t do fixed price servicing, you can still use online booking.

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